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Every child has a natural ability to excel in multiple areas but with the pressures of 21st century life, the hectic work life of parents, tests, exams and homework and school, the pure joy of discovery often gets lost.

The early years of a child’s life are so important for developing skills and a love of learning and parents have a profound influence during this time. A stable foundation gives children the best start in life, builds confidence and enhances their mental and physical skills.

Why Revive Genius?

We are well-aware how busy lifestyles and time restrictions can make it difficult to find the right tools and services to give children the optimum chance to shine.

One way to stimulate the imagination of children is through play and social interaction. It is no secret that children like to explore, play and discover new things on their own accord. Parental involvement is crucial in this regard because the opportunities available for children are largely dictated by their elders.

Parents, grandparents and guardians often have difficulty locating suitable toys, games and mobile apps for their children. As children grow and new interests develop, it can be tricky to continually find new, stimulating activities. Despite the Internet being a treasure trove of online stores, many still find accessing good quality educational materials a difficult task.

What We Offer You?

Our online resource offers a comprehensive roundup of blog posts, product reviews and buying guides to assist parents in finding the best products and services to nurture their child’s natural talent. We provide detailed reviews of carefully-selected products both in text and by video, plus we have interactive help via web chat, along with a detailed FAQs page.

Our reviews and product guides are not only written descriptively, we provide information based upon the experience of parents. This allows us to bring visitors in-depth, truthful analysis of  particular products or services, enabling parents to make the best possible decisions when investing in their child’s future.

In addition, we offer practical tips and hands-on demonstrations from teachers familiar with early years learning. Our expert authors are highly experienced in the field of child education and early years development. This enables us to not only provide engaging content, we can also provide great insight into how each product or service can benefit children based upon genuine tests.

We strive to provide accurate information and keep our website well-maintained with content quality checks and reviews.

Do you want to help our project progress? You can assist us by reading and commenting on our guides, offering your own suggestions, and by subscribing to our newsletter for the latest news, posts, and updates.

Our Team

Sarah Davies – Digital Content Editor

Sarah is a qualified teacher with experience of working in both state and private settings in England and Wales. She writes extensively on early years learning. When she’s not working you will find her growing vegetables in her garden.

Fahmida Haque, Writer

Fahmida received her Montessori Early Years Diploma from Montessori Centre International, London, UK. She has more than 8 years of Montessori classroom teaching experience in a leading Montessori school in London. 

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